It Starts Here

Because each project is unique, it is imperative to include our clients in each phase of design. We value design as a collaborative process – the best designs involve communication at each phase. From programming to construction administration, we will ensure that your project is completed as designed, to match your vision.

How We Work


Analysis & Programming

Design begins with research and information gathering. We evaluate your existing site, establishing any features of interest or concern. We evaluate natural drainage patterns, solar aspect, slope, view corridors, and the health of the existing plant communities.

Next, we verify any site-specific constraints such as zoning limitations, building envelopes or setbacks, and existing easements. This is the opportunity to express your initial desires for your project.


Conceptual Design

This is where project design begins – transcribing the client’s program desires onto the site. Depending on our client’s wishes, this may look like sketches depicting space delineation and circulation, or a more finished computer-drafted drawing.

The goal of this phase is to line out the overall design. At the completion of this phase, the client can expect a plan that depicts the site layout (building and drive placement, outdoor features, etc.), and overall grading and drainage requirements.


Design Development

In design development, our team looks to refine your conceptual design. We begin to explore materials, refine extents of features, and curate any additional program elements that need to be addressed.

In this phase, if required, we may recommend the addition of a consultant that can assist us with the more detailed components of your site – this might be an engineer or a hydrogeologist.

During this phase, we explore your design using plans, sections and elevations, or 3-D modeling, and establish a plant palette.


Construction Documentation

Construction documents provide comprehensive plans for layout, grading, materials & finishes, lighting, and planting. Details and specifications are provided. This set is essential in providing the contractor what they need to properly bid and build your project.


Construction Administration

In this phase, our team is available to our clients or the selected contractor, to address any questions or concerns during the construction process.

This may include email or phone coordination or a site visit to problem-solve. We provide periodic site visits to verify that work is completed to plan and materials meet specifications. At the end of construction, we issue a punch list of outstanding items for the contractor to address.